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A Clear Message with a Clear Voice

Relatable  ~  Coachable  ~  Easy to work with  ~  Easy to direct



Fully equipped acoustically treated home  recording studio


Project Turn Around:

24-48 hours or sooner, depending on project and availability


Directed Sessions:

Source Connect Now & ipDTL as a Guest; Zoom


Audio Files:

Files in format of your choice:

(Wav, MP3) & delivered by email or FTP

VO Genres

  • Documentary

  • Medical

  • Corporate

  • eLearning

  • Telephony / IVR

  • ExplainerVideos

  • Audio Books

  • Commercials

Vocal Profile


General American



Middle aged female

Young child girl & boy 

Style & Tone:  

Earthy, Warm and Enthusiastic

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