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People say...

“Karen brings boundless energy, enthusiasm and talent to any important project. She has a gifted voice that is clear, authentic and believable while projecting warmth and wit. 

My first choice for any voiceover requirement"

"Karen delivers a strong, grounded message in her VO work that communicates truth and honesty.  She combines playfulness with professionalism in a way that makes her a

pleasure to work with"

Authentic, convincing, creative, and delivered with confidence and enthusiasm…Karen communicates in such a way that gets your attention, causes you to listen, and believe in what she is saying.  She’s an inspirational and motivational speaker who easily reaches all types of audiences.  Her communication skills are a result of years of experience and hard work.  You can count on the quality of her VO work.”  

Ed Soriano, LTG (Ret), US Army

“Karen is an absolute joy to work with. Her professionalism, honesty and willingness to provide the best voice over performance is reflected in her work every time.”

Jorge Infante - CEO, Infante Communications

"I am so glad I got Karen Luisi to be the voice of my book Five Weeks: a Lifetime. It is a super personal story about the lifetime of my baby boy, and I was looking for a voice that could be raw and vulnerable yet give strength as well. Not only did she capture that, but she became a pen-pal, a human I am truly thankful to have in my life. She is professional and open to questions and suggestions. She wanted the results to be just right for me!

Hannah Sullivan, Author/Editor 

"I chose Karen to deliver multiple messages at a high-profile military conference in Virginia. She was recognized by senior Army and Army Medical Department Executives and General Officers for her impeccable enunciation, strong delivery, and ability to seamlessly adapt to an ever-changing agenda.  I also chose Karen to narrate a large outdoor military ceremony. Her clear, sincere delivery and perfect pacing engaged, inspired and moved the audience. Confidence and eloquence through years of experience make her my top choice for any narration project.

Eric J. Newland, Colonel US Army

“I had the opportunity to work with Karen on a Korean War Project for the U.S. Army Medical Department Museum.  Karen goes above and beyond to ensure high quality work.  She is

extremely accommodating and flexible, can deliver the message with just the right tone and pace,

and is a joy to work with.”

Paulina Shrader, Producer/Director US Army

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