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I have many stories to tell, but they're not all mine. Trust me with yours.

Hi, I'm Karen Luisi - a curious life-long learner.

Thanks for visiting my website.

My voiceover journey started when I responded to an “all hands” email at my first Army duty station. I was a Lieutenant and Occupational Therapist at Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii. I was supposed to be part of a pool of narrators. Instead, I was a pool of one. I had no idea that I would become the mistress of ceremonies at every duty station for the next 20 years.

As I got closer to completing a successful military career – not as an occupational therapist but as a medical planner/operator, I began intensive voiceover training. It was a natural progression for me to set up my own studio and become a professional voiceover talent. I have a passion for narrating documentaries, and I discovered that I am really good at narrating children's books too - with less than five monsters, thank you.

It so happens that I also love to cook and secretly had always wanted to go to culinary school.

So, 79 days after I retired from the Army I began a new journey at the Culinary Institute of America in

San Antonio, Texas. I am blown away at the depth and breadth of this education.

Moreover, I love how food has its own story to tell. 

At heart I am an educator and communicator. I connect with others through emotional honesty.  

I share stories with heart, joy, integrity and gratitude. 

I want to work with those who are curious, passionate educators and life-long learners, 

eager for their audience to listen to their message.

I share stories, most of them not my own. Trust me with yours.

Earthy ~ Warm ~ Enthusiastic

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